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Project Description:

We are looking for men and women with bright charisma, vocal talent, and dance ability to be apart of the next Coed Music Group Sensation! If you loved RBD, SCLUB7, TheA-Teens, Abba, Black Eyed Peas, DNCE, etc, step right to the front of the line. Unlike the a few of co-ed groups mentioned prior, this band will bring authenticity to the MUSIC industry, as well as a strong social media presence. With stellar performance skills and a unique image, we are looking to compete with some of the leading group heavyweights at the moment.

A judging panel filled with industry personal who have worked with Sony Music, Nickelodeon, The X Factor, RuPauls Drag Race, and more will be present at the audition to scout and mentor new selects.


Lead Vocalists
(20-29 Any Gender United States)

As a member of the band, you must be able to hold your own as a lead vocalist, harmonize, dance, and have great image/personality. Although there will be group development, we are looking for go-getters. NO SOlO MENTAlITY. If you don't want to truly be in a group, do not come to the open call.

Singers Wanted: Casting call for COED MUSIC GROUP AUDITIONS. Auditions For COED MUSIC GROUP AUDITIONS. Casting Director Miah Neil posted a casting call in Los Angeles California