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\"For my money, THE ELECTRA COMPLEX is also one of the single best feminist screenplays I have ever read. It pulls off that win by setting its audience up for a Sleaze-A-Thon of sex, drugs, strippers, and women making seemingly horrific life decisions, and all seeming for the benefit of the leeriest of audience members...THEN reverses that flow in A Flow Reversal Miracle that\'ll make men question every dark thought they\'ve ever had about women and make women cheer. It\'s a reversal that also achieves an extraordinary substance, it turns a new angle of spotlight on maltreatment of women.\" Guy Jackson

Hollywood, 1992.

Beepers were in, G.G. Allin was alive.

Ecstasy was cool and a sick house in the hills was selling for under half a mil.

Too bad Rachel Keith, squatter punk, 19, only has five.



(18-35 Female United States)

Exotic Dancer. African-American. Comedy background a plus. No nudity required. Supporting role. deferred pay.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for ELECTRA. Auditions For ELECTRA. Casting Director Jessica Janos posted a casting call in North Hollywood California