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Dr. Rosalyn Williams, a highly regarded Black female Psychiatrist has come a long way since the days of her troubled past. But today her life will be disrupted by a young woman Kayla and her psychotic boyfriend Terrell’s claim that the doctor is the biological mother who abandoned Kayla at birth. Bent on extorting the doctor for money as retribution for abandoning Kayla they take Dr. Williams, her son, her sister and 3 other woman hostage in the neighborhood church. With his plan failing quickly Terrell becomes enraged and forces the hostages’ to play a makeshift game of Russian Roulette in which he calls Truth or Die. But ironically the game ends with him being gunned down by a swat sniper’s bullet


(20-27 Male United States)

Terrell is a 23 -29 year old black male. He is a handsome clean cut, calculating psychopath who was recently released from prison. Diagnosed as bipolar he constantly flips between the charming Terrell and the violent, manipulative, psychopathic, criminal minded Terrell. He tries to pretend that everything is fine but in reality he still harbors deep rooted anger from being orphaned as a child. After his plan to extort money and to make the doctor atone for her wrongs goes wrong he takes several people hostage and terrorizes them inside the church. Angered easily when things don’t go his way Terrell loses his cool which usually results in someone dying or getting hurt.

(20-25 Female United States)

Kayla is an attractive, soft spoken, compassionate and artistic 21 year old black woman who constantly battles emotional issues which stem from her being abandon at birth and from the haunting memories she suffered being bouncing from foster home to foster home. As a getaway Kayla uses her gift as a poet/spoken word artist to escape into another world but she is often awakened by her obsession to meet her biological parents. Homeless and needing help Kayla hooks up with Terrell who takes her on a nightmarish ride in an effort to extort money from the woman who abandon her as a child. This crazy ride ends with him holding a gun to her head.

Dr. Rosalyn Williams
(37-43 Female United States)

Dr. Rosalyn Williams aka Rose is a beautiful 36 - 43 year old black woman. Rose is smart and highly regarded as one of California’s top Psychiatrist. Unbeknownst to her, today her happy life will come under attack from a young woman and her psychotic boyfriend who are bent on making Rose atone for abandoning the young woman at birth. A woman of strong faith and a firm believer of giving back Rose volunteers her time at the family church mentoring young people. But this Saturday Rose will have to find strength that she didn’t know existed anymore while teaching herself, her son, her sister and 3 frightened young women how to survive being a mad man’s hostage.

(21-31 Female United States)

Bird is a 21-28 year old black or latina woman. She is tough, hard edged with street swag. Bird was recently released from her 2nd stint in prison in 5 years. Seeking solutions to walk away from her criminal life style Bird seeks help from the church's mentoring program but it backfires as she gets pulled into an insane hostage situation.

(21-31 Female United States)

lisa is a 21-31 year old drug addict who has OD-ed twice in the past 4 months. She was raised in a ritzy area of los Angeles but her drug abuse landed her deep in the hood. Realizing that her chances of surviving a 3rd overdose were zero to none, she seeks help by signing up for the church’s mentoring program. But her first day will prove more dangerous as the lifestyle she’s living.

(37-45 Female United States)

Carla is Rose pretty 39-45 year old sister who is angry at the world. But once upon a time she was the life of the party but something happened and she lost her passion for life. Soon after she fell into a life of alcohol and drug abuse till it nearly ended her life. Now she lives life vicariously through her sister Rose. Yet she is still holds hope of finding that one thing that’ll trigger her happiness again.

Reverend Lattimore
(43-61 Male United States)

Reverend lattimore is a stern, kind-hearted 57 or older reverend who is rooted in his faith, dedicating most of his most of his life to serving God and helping others. One of the reverend’s greatest success stories is Rose’s transformation to success. Each day he looks for another Rose to guide in the right direction with his mentoring program.

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