Web Commercial - Herklin products

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo

Project Description:

This Project is a bilingual english & Spanish \"How To\" video for lice treatment product to be used for social media and web marketing. The video will cover step-by-step instructions on using the product properly. It is a very low budget project but we are paying $125 per day shooting.


(25-35 Female United States)

Should appear age: 35-40 latina/Bilingual Hair: Brunette Eyes: Any Physical: Active mom look. Would like to look for English/Spanish speaker. Should feel like a modern day mom.

Boy or Girl
(9-11 Any Gender United States)

Boy or girl Should appear age: 9-11 (older kids that look smaller or younger ok). Adorable look. Could possibly have lines to say

Actors Wanted: Casting call for WEB COMMERCIAL - HERKLIN PRODUCTS. Auditions For WEB COMMERCIAL - HERKLIN PRODUCTS. Casting Director Daniel Urdanivia posted a casting call in Los Angeles California