Where it wll started

It all started when these two parents fell in love and thought nothing could ever separate them until she decided to introduce him to her parents. He parents where very strict and thought no man in the would was perfect for her little girl. Her parents said and did just about everything they could to break them up but somehow nothing worked. It was love but no one but them could see it. Don't get me wrong he wasn't a trouble maker or anything like that. He was smart, she was smart, they both knew what they wanted in life. When she met him her life changed for the best. she finally had someone to call hers, someone that loves her for her and someone to always protect her.

i would like to introduce you to shay. She grew up alone, with no friends and no one to ever have a conversation with. So without all those she decided that the best way to change her life was through knowledge. She knew her only way out was through education and from that day her life become school, school, school. which she thought was great until she started wanting more out of life. She was a goody goody so what ever she did, she had her parents support because shay never did anything bad. Shay had the life her parents wanted her to have but not the life she wanted to have.

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Posted at: 08/17/2017 07:32

Tags: life