You´ve got mail

So I watched "You´ve got mail" yesterday and I so wish I could write those kind of letters to someone. Letters about everyday nonsense. Well, I thought that why not write here.

Dear Friend,

Here I am writing a letter, in a rainy day grayness, to you. Even though I do not have any idea who the you are. Or is. Because this letter is going to end up in the cosmic emptiness, someone might read this or then nobody does. Somehow it is very scary to think that even if I would like to delete this letter someday, it is going to stay into the depths of cyberspace forever. It may be that I write this letter to the old lady next door who longs for company but no one ever comes. Or maybe to the teenage mother who dropped out of high school and whose friends were too dumb to stay by her side. Or maybe to the jock boy who bullies everyone beneath him just because he does not feel that good inside. Well, whoever you are. One of those or someone between this letter is to you.

I found out that school life begins in three weeks and I feel like summer did not even get started. Maybe because it is constantly raining or about to rain. I usually spend my summer holidays in a lake, I am a water animal when it comes to swimming. But this summer I just got rid of my winter fur and that´s it. It is so freezing.

I would not want to get back to the constant going that school is. You wake up early, go to study and when you get back home you realize it is almost bedtime. Where is the time to express yourself? Writing future bestseller, let the nature calm you, have fun and be free? The song "time goes by so slowly" turns into "time goes by too quickly". It is not just about school life but life in general nowadays. You are trying to become someone/something in a rush even though you did not even have time to think about who you would like to become. It is like the society would like to have everything ready even if itself is not completed yet. Society dictates you obey. Or am I the only one who thinks this way? What do you think? Is there anybody else that would like to shout to the world "slow it down once in a while damned!"

Remember my friend. Check your mailbox cause it may be that you hear the three little words. (not I love you) "You´ve got mail".

Posted at: 11/05/2015 00:39

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