Feb 2017 Here & Now

I’ve been Traveling the US to Numerous states each day, week, and month each is different from the next. As I move farther away from New Hampshire, there is always something to remind me where I am, isn’t where I’m from.., In that regard “Manchester, N.H.” Is truly a unique character not to be taken lightly. The rest of the country in comparison is soft raisins when it comes to the altitude difference in New England. It’s where I’m from, and I appreciate the hard exterior ;-).
I left Canobie Lake Park In Salem, N.H. at the end of October 2016, right after Halloween night it seems and I’ve been gone ever since. Of course with the exception of my Vacation time during Christmas, and the Funeral visit I made in Jan. The rest has been on the road, Currently In California, I call it New Hampshire’s “Nicer cousin.” LoL.
Besides being an Artist, I love creating for people the most, but I have many originals from my brain stem too; I’m also a Magician’s Assistant, Performing on stage for magic shows Or I Perform in schools across the country for Science, Sound of Science (music show) , Reading, Or Math-A-Magic shows. It has been very interesting performing in front of hundreds of adults and children given the fact that I have extreme Anxiety/Panic issues, and have had stage freight growing up. It astounds me everyday that I get up there and Act the way I should be acting at that given time, I have my issues from time to time, but I push through my fears and make it a challenge. Besides, it has given me the chance to be my creative self, and to this I hope my Art will grow in the future and the successions will be rewarding.

- Lindsey Groulx

Posted at: 02/20/2017 00:40

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