DESPERATE SITUATION — the novel & movie


Consider yourself lucky for not having to experience the torture of true hell here on earth. When one man thought he’d escaped the demon-witch, he is taken by force back to the depths of Hell.

Witness the utter destruction of one man’s world for forty-three years, and you will find yourself thinking if you have the sanity to go on with your own life.

This is a true story of actual events that took place from January 14th, 2010 to September 30, 2011, after a father, husband, and honored veteran could no longer hold his rage inside over his wife’s infidelity over a sixteen year marriage; and has a volatile nervous breakdown, which sparked one of 2010’s biggest divorce court cases to start off the new year.

The haunting reality of a married man who is taken advantage of and lured into a psychological break, and suffered the wrath of a divorce, his family disowning him to include his children, arrested and forced from his home and children and unable to fight for his rights, released back into society on the streets homeless; found near death on the streets three times, and stripped of his dignity and sociological presence.

If you think you’re immune from the wrath of the modern-day woman, then take your chances as he did within the system along with the vindictive side of a woman, and find out for yourself just how destructive it can truly is to the man of this era. This book will have all men rethinking before they decide to take that leap of faith into the union of marriage.

Relive his pain and suffering he will have to carry with him for the rest of his life, as a complete failure of his seemingly perfect life and the loss of total identity.


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Posted at: 10/13/2011 18:04