Been Awhile- Been Busy

Had the fantastic opportunity to work with a ton of great writers, directors and actors this past summer.

Started out by working with Cathy Reinking on a project she wrote and Jim McKinney directed.

Goofed around with some extra work in several movies getting ready to come out soon. Fought bombers, giant lizards, gorillas and wolves, saw guys that played elves, zombies and zombie killers and lots of military types. Don't think I saw a "normal" person at all.

Ended the summer working with a great cast and crew. Actually had the chance to work with an actor, a CA and a director from previous show and films... was kind of like a class reunion. Made a few new friends and had a surprise 21st birthday party on set. The "M" sisters sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Then a Kiwi grabbed the lime lite! Next time, Nate!

Found my Nordic Gods Twin Brother from Texas, Micah, who is way more accomplished than I am... listened to his mom about the piano lessons for one thing! Thor and Loki!

Left the set to head back to classes two day later.

Christmas Vacation just around the corner.

Have a very Merry Holiday Season!

Posted at: 12/02/2017 13:47