Getting Closer!

One more week of classes. 

While I have been focusing on classes my folks have been packing and planning for the move. 

My Mom is a power house! She finds a place she likes, buys it, starts renovations, has major surgery twice, and sets up yet another business... all in the space of 2 months!  Dad just tries to keep up.

The least I can do is help her promote it!  She will be opening a guest house focusing on the out of state film worker. It is located between Augusta and Atlanta. She has put up an initial website and Facebook page. Feel free to check them out. The guest house name is STAND-INN. They plan on taking in their first guests in January 2016 but maybe sooner.

Here's the link to the website

and here is the FaceBook page.

Posted at: 05/03/2015 08:04