So, I went up to VA last week to tie up loose ends, do some work and attend a friend's concert.  First night I am there, I  get run off the road by a tourist who panicked about a turn. Car totaled. Didn't make the concert. Made some money piecing out the car; bought a cheap car fixed up a bit. Got a message from GA ... "Can you make it into town by Thursday night for an early morning shoot on Friday? It's a 4 day booking" >> It's late Wednesday evening.  Still had to do some work on car but would do my best to get down there.  So, yeah, confirm.  

I made it to house in GA at 4 am on Friday.  Took a 45 minute nap and thanks to my "manager" for driving me the 1.5 hours to the shoot  and coming back to get me that evening.  Nobody knew I was running on empty. Plan to sleep all weekend.

You do what you gotta until you get it done!


Posted at: 07/11/2015 09:14