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<p> Review Author: Farruh Yusupov.</p> <p> My regards, dear readers, i`ve used the word “Volatility” as title because life of every man seems as road, time or distance with changing that sometime is bad or good. When talked with 1 addict despite of his drug dependency was a good man and with whom i became friend calling him an uncle, he had defined his vision of life saying that life is a river with its narrowing, widening, deepening, bend and etcetera. He liked me blaspheming the destiny because problems happen with guys like me. So i want conclude my opinion proving empirically. If you are reading this post you can prove that you are alive and any problems and happiness that happened with you passed yesterday and in future you`ll have new 1. That`s human life.         </p> <p> That introduction is for following review in which I want to survey the movie “12” of (Joel Schumacher).</p> <p> Watching films like “12” my mood improves and i want believe in future of cinematography.</p> <p> Practically the film of Mohsen Makhmalbaf “Afghan Alphabet” had a great value for society influencing to allow afghan children learn at iranian schools. Even more mr. Makhmalbaf said that if was born for this purpose he would have been satisfied.</p> <p> I think the main idea and most valuable was only single phrase of film “Sex And Philosophy” of Mohsen Makhmalbaf: “Love is under danger of dieoff”. In modern sexually corruptive word true love disappears because people changes it for money and new lust. Almost $ 40 of europeans have several matches with several partners and spouses. Where`s single true love?    </p> <p> The film “12” is a masterpiece valuable not only for US society but the whole world that watches and translates american movies which nowadays is best in virtue of its quality. That film visually demonstrates the harm and future destruction of society because of sex and drugs.  </p> <p> To say the truth i dislike movies with narration of narrator but not participant because it dissuades spectators to its verity. Quite another matter when participant tells or shares his past or feelings. The most famous actor of film “12” was casted Kiefer Sutherland.</p> <p> In general the movie can be summarized as story of actual high school students who because of abilities uses the all of it including destroying of man. I think many men knows how is to have many money and spend it. When i was a student i travelled to Tashkent where our flat is and i could spend almost any money per day equivalent to minimal salary.  </p> <p> The main character is “White Mike” (Chace Crawford) was a good prospective pupil which demonstrates remembering of “Jessica Brayson” (Emily Meade) who was also an excellent.</p> <p>     “White Mike” regardless to his beard, mourning apparel and view showed not a bad man whom escorted by eyes pretty girls but he doesn`t pays attention at them.  </p> <p>       An intrigue of richboy “Mike`s” leaves in the middle of film where the audience knows that it began after death of his mother. But when it becomes evident viewers pities “White Mike”.</p> <p> “White Mike” was a indirect reason his cousins “Charlie`s” death (Jeremy Allen White) which was happened when he during addict breaking, had threatened drug dealer “Lionel” (50 Cent) who killed him.  </p> <p> “Mike” recollections on his childhood and walking with his Charlie and his friends sympathize him.   </p> <p> According to the end of film “White Mike” lifted on the roof and thought about his life. The intellect and brevity of “White Mike” showed that despite of any problems he`s fight internally against making solution of suicide.</p> <p> “Molly Norton” (Emma Roberts) a friend of “White Mike” loved his from her childhood. “Molly Norton`s” qualities, namely honesty and decency proved herself when she confessed how Tobias (Nico Tortorella) has invited her to party.         </p> <p>  I don`t know purposely or accidently screenwriter Jordan Melamed name main negative character with biblical “Sara”.  “Sara Ludlow`s” (Esti Ginzburg) character is can determine her duty philosophy. When “Sara Ludlow” wants something she proposes herself as a price. Car dealers sells cars, PC sellers computer techniques and woman who sells herself called a prostitute but mainly prostitutes forcibly and for money to live does it. A woman who sells herself also in some case those who pays for it can be name as female dog. “Sara Ludlow” asks for party at “Chris Kenton`s” (Rory Culkin) house openly justifying her lifestyle of having many boyfriends saying that she isn`t a prostitute. There`s a good characteristics of “Sara” when she companied to her friends because of “Andrew`s” (Maxx Brawer) ignoring she called him a homosexual.          </p> <p> 1 of the most pathetic characters life was for me is “Jessica Brayson`s” who after tasting drug “12” tolerate the humiliation and abusive words of “Lionel”. “Jessica`s” reluctance fight for her estimation by others and her hiding mother`s (Ellen Barkin) sexual betrayal to her father also shows her lack of strengthen and intellect.  </p> <p> For narcotic “12” “Jessica” agrees to sex with “Lionel”. When film shot Emily Meade was 20 years old and in sexual scene with “Lionel” for me was really pity to say how he sexes teenager with soft child`s skin.</p> <p> By the narration “Chris Kentons” housekeeper who without saying thoughts that they loves her a good detail which shows verity.</p> <p> “Claude Kenton” (Billy Magnussen) “Chris`” elder brother addict too completely destroys mood by his mother who expels him warning calling police.</p> <p> The culmination begins when “White Mike” conceives that he loves “Molly” and seeking her conflicts with “Lionel” who shoots at him and accidently gets “Tobias” eye who at the same day sexes with several girls as animal.   </p> <p> It strange to think but the role of hero plays “Claude Kenton” who armed with sword and pistol shots “Lionel” but when police demands his disarmament he incomprehensibly for normal people but understandable for addicts with sword attacks them.</p> <p> The accent of the murder of brother of “Chris” wasn`t make in killing but in fact of it. The murder of “Claude Kenton” wasn`t showed but feelings and tremble of his little brother.</p> <p> “12” ended with thoughts of “White Mike” who dreamed about good future.</p> <p> Researching my audience and its preferences in social networks i`ve been faced with 1 advertisement of ukranian singer who`s name i`ll not disclose. According publicity she positioned herself as the sexiest women in the world. When i make statement about myself i try to prove it scientifically (exactly and worth to believe). In some sciences of beauty (greek kalokagathia) indicates human appearance. 1 of indicators is “Line Of The Bollinger”. According it the distance between chicks, shape of eyes and others isn`t well. Even shape of my nose, structure of hear and others my imperfect. She intended her breast that remembered me as dog`s festivals in which measures organs. I think man firstly should be a man for have happy human live.          </p> <p>  </p>

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<p> Publication Author: Farruh Yusupov.</p> <p> My regards, dear readers, today i`ve faced news in which were proclaimed the bankruptcy of Detroit State Administration (<a href=""></a>). After sometime i guessed that Western Civilization is final stage of human’s civilization in which every man aspires to freedom. So mankind goes to the way of its beginning to its animal nature for which there is not limits and laws.</p> <p> Mr. Quentin Tarantino ( aspired to write something about him and his endowment in US and world cinematography. It`s interesting that well gifted by God mr. Tarantino participates almost in these film projects in which violation scenes, precisely blood and sexual are the main content. Quentin Tarantino in 1993 year in Toronto`s Film Festival have found his soul friend Robert Rodriguez with whom they created 4 rooms. Despite of mr. Tarantino`s role in films in some of them he was actor, in others film director, screenwriter and producer he never changes his main theatrical character of maniac. In first collaboration with mr. Rodriguez mr. Tarantino in film “4 Rooms” in 1995 there were witches who were looked for man`s reproduction biomaterial for their ceremonies, dangerous gangster (Antonio Banderas), hotel`s manager (Tim Roth) who cut finger of addict actors just for money forgetting their narcosis.</p> <p> Now i can just list some of well known mr. Tarantino`s film: “Kill Bill” 1 and 2, “Pulp Fiction” in which has scene of the rape of gangster man, “From Dusk Till Dawn” in which he licked the heels of Santánico Pandemónium (Salma Hayek). Maybe it’s all because of my education but i don`t understand the link between love, aesthetics, geniality and licking of heels. In film “Planet Terror” with actual dream team directing by mr. Rodriguez Quentin Tarantino played as producer. As it expected in that movie there`s actual that became classic sketches with homosexual woman and 1 - legged striptease dancer, oh now i made mistake that dance is calling go – go. I think it`s enough of art of Quentin Tarantino, i fear of you today sleeping.</p> <p> Now i want to continue with film of mr. Robert Rodriguez “Machete” which is part of film series “Grindhouse” in which substitutes he with our other character of our article Quentin Tarantino.  Firstly it need to say that in “Machete” plays Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro and others. The character of machete plays Danny Trejo who urges to revolution, moral class equality; fight for the human rights including everywhere oppressed migrants. At first sight, namely in film annotation it can be seemed as machete the modern national hero but after watching film it becomes interesting that the whole people glorifies him though he sexes with mother and daughter (Lindsay Lohan) at the same time. All in all film is parody to genre of other films of mr. Robert Rodriguez and mr. Quentin Tarantino.</p> <p> It`s interesting for me that marquis de Sade the founder of sadism, proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by religion and law was jailed and mainly he knew about his trace in humankind and literature willing: when i would be covered in the ground, let the acorns scattered on top for new growth conceals the place of my burial and my trace grave would have disappeared forever, as i`m hoping to disappear from people's minds".</p> <p> US cinematography was pioneer and stand of the world cinematography which directed after it using acting, screenwriting, film directing, video and computer technologies (visual effects) and etcetera.</p> <p> Modern cinematography is need films like “Gone The Wind” in which educates people don`t waste time that`s life for people who doesn`t love man.</p> <p> Film “Forest Gump” is 1 of the favorite 1, in which Tom Hanks shows that it isn`t impossible to be champion in ping pong, made world records in running, be a biggest entrepreneur and chiefly to be a hero.       </p> <p> In russian talent agencies and show business i was considered as bad speaking actor of caucasian type but i`m very grateful to american talent directors, agents and agencies for casting calls  but without P1 petition talent can`t work so because of my law-abiding character i can`t consider they. I don`t want to have problems with everyone including government.      </p> <p>                    </p> <p>             </p> <p>  </p>

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