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<p> It's cold in Perth. There's just no denying that despite the sun shining, the air is nippy and all anyone wants to do is hibernate. It's October in Perth and we're all still freezing our butts off!</p> <p> While I can't heat the house with the power of positive thinking, I can heat up my career. I am so much a home-body, I love socialising, dancing, going to cafes for afternoon tea and having friends stay over for hours just chatting but nothing beats just cuddling myself into my cushions like a little kitten and having a wee nap. But that's all about to change. You see, despite having quite a busy schedule on the acting front, and starting to make a bit of money out of it, I am not making a big enough impact in the Perth community to sustain my career in the long term. </p> <p> My plan is to go out there and bust my ass networking and theatricising and filmicking! Those may or may not be real words but my plan is real. I've signed up to be an usher. Unpaid but I get to see shows for free. I have joined mailing lists for the major improv group here to make sure I'm aware of their next audition round. I am watching out for the Screenwest networking events, the photography fundraisers, the fashion events, the PFN events and anything else that brings together movers and shakers to hob nob and compare the colour of their underwear! </p> <p> But the most important change I made has been to my attitude. And that started a little while ago. I started to see myself as a professional actor. I had only had one professional paid acting job. I faked it till I maked it, baby! It followed that I had more paid acting work and more and more until I actually don't need to work in childcare to subside my wage. I just started to view myself as a professional actor and that was the main effort involved in permitting everyone else to do so. </p> <p> Now, I might have had all the ambition but none of the motivation in the past but that's the next attitude change I've made. It's amazing what you can do when you just commit to a goal and say, "no matter what."</p> <p> I can make my career burst with awesomeness even in sleepy old industry-free Perth. What can you do when you make up your mind to do it? </p> <p> Peace, </p> <p> MK</p>

Posted at: 10/20/2013 04:36

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