Always Cast A New Face First!

I believe that when it comes to re-inventing an iconic character in a role, you should always FIRST look with a new face! The same way you would bring a new vision to the story the same treatment should be done throughout the entire production process. 

I'm Looking for Actors & Actresses who want to be Supehero or Supervililan and reprise the role of someone within the recration of the DC universe. 

Casting is one of the most developmental points of the beginning production process since new ideas and approaches are always being made, be it from the writer to the director or the director to the actor. 

I'm heading to OHIO COMIC CON in September and hope to promote what I'm working on at the convention!

Leave a message if you are interested in becoming a part of this project 

Posted at: 08/23/2013 10:58

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