Actors and actresses required for a series of fan films

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Project Description:

This is a local amateur production.

It\'s a non paid series of fan films student made that are in Leicester. The main thing that separates these short films to anything else that is out there is that it is a gender role reversal meaning that the character genders are swapped. This gives a new look and perspective on our favourite characters. The start of the new series is beginning with Harry Potter but the story we are telling is of the Marauders introducing the new names of the foursome as Jamie Potter, Sophia Black, Rachel Lupin and Patricia Pettigrew and many more. More info on role availablility once in contact.


Rachel Lupin
(16-18 Female United Kingdom)

Rachel lupin is the gender swap of Remus lupin. A Gryffindor prefect. Werewolf. One of leading role as member of the Marauders.

Patricia Pettigrew
(16-18 Female United Kingdom)

Patricia Pettigrew is the gender swap of Peter Pettigrew. Member of the Marauders. Animagus.

Leo Evans
(16-18 Male United Kingdom)

leo Evans is the gender swap of lily Evans. Gryffindor head boy.

Scarlett Snape
(16-18 Female United Kingdom)

Scarlett Snape is the gender swap of Severus Snape. Slytherin. Rival of Jamie Potter.

Benedict Black
(16-19 Male United Kingdom)

Benedict Black is the gender swap of Bellatrix lestrange nee Black. loyal deatheater. Obsessive.

Lucy Malfoy
(16-19 Female United Kingdom)

lucy Malfoy is the gender swap of lucius Malfoy. Proud Slytherin deatheater. Blood puritist.

Lady Voldemor / Mary Riddle
(17-19 Female United Kingdom)

lady Voldemor is the gender swap of lord Voldemort. Main antagonist.

Ariana Dumbledore and Michael McGonagall
(18-30 Any Gender United Kingdom)

Ariana Dumbledore is the gender swap of Albus Dumbledore and Michael McGonagall is the gender swap of Minerva McGonagall. For these character voiceovers only for trailer.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for ACTORS AND ACTRESSES REQUIRED FOR A SERIES OF FAN FILMS . Auditions For ACTORS AND ACTRESSES REQUIRED FOR A SERIES OF FAN FILMS . Casting Director Laura Howarth posted a casting call in Leicester