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Project Description:

Adelita is a coming of age story of a Mexican girl whose upcoming Quinceañera causes her to feel shame over her identity. With the help of her grandmother, Adelita becomes more comfortable with herself and with her culture.


(13-20 Female United States)

(lead) Adelita is a young Mexican girl navigating her love and respect for her elders with feelings of shame inflicted on her by American society. She is determined to discover her own identity, but realizes she also needs to look to her family for help, as they are an integral part of her journey to self-discovery.

(55-80 Female United States)

(lead) Ideal candidate speaks English and Spanish. Pia loves her family fiercely, and wants to help them grow into individuals that cherish their Mexican heritage. She is hesitant to accept change, and tends to adhere to tradition. Her life is dedicated to protecting her family.

(35-50 Female United States)

(Supporting) Eva is extremely hard working. She has a deep respect for her mother and her Mexican heritage, but also defends her daughter’s feelings.

(35-50 Male United States)

(Supporting) Gael is a hardworking father and puts his family first. He supports his wife’s decisions and respects his daughter’s need for independence.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for ADELITA. Auditions For ADELITA. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois