Adventure Teaser

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo

Project Description:

Adventure Teaser is a 30-60 second spot to highlight the excitement people feel when using a new, as of yet undisclosed product. The teaser will help investors and future customers understand the value of the product.

There will be three scenes: a boy with his mother arriving at his birthday party, some college-age people arriving at a big outdoor get together, and a man and a woman on an overlook where the man is about to propose.

Beyond being a fun video series, Adventure Teaser is a promotional tool for Cedowin Productions, a New York based production company looking at Chattanooga as a contender for a big upcoming project. Adventure Teaser will be used to share with investors for the full project.

Depending on the results of this shoot, bigger, more elaborate, larger-budgeted productions may be slated in the near future.


Birthday Child
(5-8 Any Gender United States)

Child walks into a room surprised to see a birthday party for them.

Parent of Birthday Child
(25-35 Any Gender United States)

Parent happy to see child happy.

Young Adult 1
(17-25 Any Gender United States)

Young Adult 1 bumps into Young Adult 2 as they both arrive at an outdoor party.

Young Adult 2
(17-25 Any Gender United States)

Young Adult 2 bumps into Young Adult 1 as they both arrive at an outdoor party.

(25-35 Female United States)

Girlfriend follows her phone to overlook, is proposed to.

(25-35 Male United States)

Boyfriend is with girlfriend at overlook, kneels and proposes.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for ADVENTURE TEASER. Auditions For ADVENTURE TEASER. Casting Director David Bishop posted a casting call in Chattanooga Tennessee