Being Alive

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Project Description:

Through the eyes of young teen Jade, her family is picture perfect, but when she finds out her mother is having an affair, her world starts to crumble as she realizes her family’s flaws.


(18-25 Female United States)

[JADE] lEAD Female, to play 16 y/o (18+ preferred). Family oriented and observant teenage daughter, elder sister to Magie. Has an image of her family being the ideal, and is shattered when she notices the affair her mother has had.

(35-45 Male United States)

[DAVID] lEAD Male, to play 35 y/o. A pressured, emotionally distant husband. Has a hard time grappling with being unemployed and often takes out his frustrations on wife Ella verbally. Is a great support to Jade and strives to preserve their loving father-daughter relationship.

(30-40 Female United States)

[EllA] lEAD Female, to play 34 y/o. Caring wife to David. Has an affair with a mysterious man to deflect her pain from David’s stand-offness, yet remains as a constant doting mother to her children.

Mysterious Man
(25-35 Male United States)

[MYSTERIOUS MAN] SUPPORTING Male, to play late 20s. Flirty and affectionate man having an affair with Ella. Very much in the honeymoon stage with her and showers her with the love she doesn’t feel from David any longer. (character name to be revised)

Young Jade
(8-12 Female United States)

[YOUNG JADE] SUPPORTING Female, to play 6-8 y/o. Innocent young daughter. Admires her parents and values time with them.

(8-12 Female United States)

[MAGIE] SUPPORTING Female, to play 8-10 y/o. Optimistic and oblivious daughter and younger sister to Jade. Almost a mirror image personality wise to young Jade.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for BEING ALIVE. Auditions For BEING ALIVE. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois