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  • A Video
  • A Contact Number

Project Description:

Beloved is a web series based on a young, real estate agent who is loved by her family and friends but struggles with balancing her professional life and love life.


(23-35 Any Gender United States)

Mia: Classy , real estate professional who’s in a relationship. loving, leader of her friends. Generally, loved by everyone.

(23-35 Male United States)

Ty: Mia’s boyfriend. Hopeless romantic and successful professional.

(23-35 Male United States)

Ryan: Ty’s best friend. Funny, prankster who purposefully annoys Chante.

(25-35 Female United States)

Chante: Sexy single,professional with a wild side. Sarcastic, cynical, yet loving to her friends.

Mr. Harris
(35-50 Male United States)

Mr. Harris: Tall, dark, and handsome. Mia’s boss who secretly admires her.

(23-35 Female United States)

Tamra: Flirtatious, single Real Estate agent who is jealous of Mia and her relationship.

(23-35 Female United States)

Paris: Sexy ,single, and extreme selfie taker. Self-centered yet caring.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for BELOVED. Auditions For BELOVED. Casting Director Isaac Cahoe posted a casting call in Philadelphia Pennsylvania