Columbia College Chicago-Student film[Hope]

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An advanced student film from Columbia College Chicago.

SYNOPSIS: Hope wants to learn more about her culture, and leave the invisible trap of her home. Her mother, Maria, tries to protect her and her brother, Landon, but she keeps secrets. Hope discovers something that makes her want to leave, but she has to remember who her family really is.


Hope Jacobs
(16-28 Female United States)

[ Hope Jacobs ] A Quirky, angsty, introverted teenager. She was adopted from China, raised by a Caucasian family, a white middle class family, and she is challenged to accept their love. Most of the time Hope keeps to herself, and she struggles to speak up about touchy subjects. She wants to find her place, and to escape to find herself. Over the course she feels misunderstood, lonely, guilty, and envious. She also gets anxious when the voices take over her thoughts. This is when she essentially has a panic attack, and when she’s alone in her room looking at the pictures. She grows angry and contemptuous during the fight with Maria. With landon(her brother) she is patient, caring, and thoughtful. Strong language and physical skills are essential.

Maira Jacobs
(31-60 Female United States)

[ Maira Jacobs ] Maria Jacobs is a caring, extroverted mother who loves to cook. She always keeps a content, optimistic, and productive attitude towards life. She wants to give her kids the best life she can give and make sure they’re protected. Cooking is one way how she shows her love and support for her children. Maria doesn’t want to dive into the past because she wants to focus on the present. Since her family is complicated she doesn’t want Hope(her adopted daughter) to suffer from answers she cannot give her about her biological family.

Landon Jacobs
(12-18 Male United States)

[ landon Jacobs ] A focused, funny, intelligent boy who’s on the autism spectrum. He’s always had a love for the environment and plants. As a child he had trouble recognizing emotional cues, and he wouldn’t socialize very much. landon turned to books about the environment and science. He likes to keep things organized because everything has a place just like he likes his own space.

Dr. Linus Burrell
(35-45 Male United States)

[ Dr. linus Burrell ] Dr. Burrell starts off being strict, assertive, and calm. As he appears or his voice comes in throughout the play, he becomes more comforting, caring, and almost like a parent. He’s almost like a parental figure. Dr. linus Burrell has always been curious about the brain. His dreams and memories make him wonder about how the brain functions. He wants to help everyone remember who they are.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO-STUDENT FILM[HOPE]. Auditions For COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO-STUDENT FILM[HOPE]. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois