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Actors and actresses wanted to star alongside social media star gtfokenzie, in this realistic-online thriller. This webseries circuits around a group of college students who have all moved out of state to different colleges. This self filmed series documents the strenuous relationship between the friends as they begin getting clues about the kidpapping of their close friend, two years prior.


Miles Ringley
(16-20 Male United States)

Former boyfriend of Saoirse Holland, the missing girl. He goes to community college after messing around in high school and nearly failing around his senior year. He works a dead end job at a fast food chain, going to classes three days a week, and still mourning over his girlfriends kidnapping, two years after the fact. Jock, football player type.

Luca Monrow
(16-20 Male United States)

luca Monrow is the best friend of Miles. He has now moved to California to go to school for film. He has a lot going for him, has met a new girl. His life is going in all of the right places. Attractive but nerdy type.

Remington Lowesly
(16-20 Male United States)

Remington is the best friend to luca and Miles. He goes to state school in Pennsylvania for theater. Remington is a once closeted gay youth, who now is proud of his sexuality. His life is headed towards an average direction. He will most likely not succeed at his dreams and he knows it.

Hannah Finley
(16-20 Female United States)

Best friend to Remington and luca, frenemy to Miles. Was best friends with Saoirse before her kidnapping. Moved to New York after graduation, works as a hostess at a down town sit in diner. She aspires to be a model but isn't "pretty" enough for the industry, although she is not ugly.

Ruthy Holden
(16-20 Female United States)

Ruthy is the 'just there" friend who was never close enough to any of them to be considered "best friends". Her and Saoirse had an odd relationship and she is only kept in the friend group because she shared a lot of secrets with Saoirse and everybody knows it.

Hunter Rimmel
(16-20 Male United States)

Hunter, the "hick" of the group goes to college in Chicago, a surprise to all of the friends. This country-loving boy grew up being tormented from strangers at school but somehow managed to be introduced to the friend group through Saoirse. Hunter had secretly been in love with Saoirse and was crushed after her kidnapping. For a few months after the missing persons case, he was the prime suspect. All of the friends did not think he was guilty. He is now studying to be a criminal attorney.

Jordy Hubble
(20-20 Male United States)

Jordy is friends with everybody except for Hunter, who he cannot stand. He goes to school in Philadelphia, where he goes on a sports scholarship. He and Saoirse had never appeared to be close, but suspicions were raised when he and Saoirse were taken into police custody, two nights before her kidnapping, for an unknown reason.

Cady Bluebell
(16-20 Female United States)

This beauty was high school prom queen, and now lives in Europe off of her grandparents money, feeding her "artistic palette." She is best friends with everyone, but was never fond of Saoirse, having been intimidated by her, even though she was far prettier.

Mr. Holland
(30-50 Male United States)

Saoirse's dad, Irish native, is a small part but will have small feature roles in occasional episodes.

Mrs. Holland
(30-45 Female United States)

Saoirse's mom, American native, is a small part but will have small feature roles in occasional episodes.

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