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EXIT is a story of childlike resilience, making the best of a seemingly horrible situation. Josh, a child in a grown man’s body, works a typical 9-5 job and is much older than his peers. When he is heading in for another day at the office, word circulates that many people’s jobs are on the line. When Josh hears this, he seizes the day and concocts a plan to raise the spirits of his fellow workers.

Statement of Inclusion: This film will cast performers best fit for the character and will not discriminate based on race, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or gender identity in doing so. It is a space created with mutual respect and equal opportunity in mind. It is important that a​ ll​ voices are heard and commended.


(45-60 Male United States)

He is a kind-hearted resilient man in his late 40s/early 50s with a childlike disposition. He’s overly-friendly because it stems from seeking validation. He doesn’t step on anyone’s toes because he wants to be accepted, but he is often stepped on by those around him. Think Josh Baskin from Big, but a little more developed in his behavior.

(25-40 Any Gender United States)

She/He/They are confident, hardworking, and skilled. They studied comedy, knows the lay of the land because they also work in an office. Think of Jack Black in School of Rock. The way he looks juxtaposes the energy he exudes. **Clown & acting training

(27-35 Male United States)

He is a domineering young businessman in his 30s who is selfish at his core. He doesn’t have a regard for other people’s feelings, he doesn’t care who has to step to get to the top. Epitome of a wall street up and comer. Think a younger version of Jack McCallister from Fun with Dick and Jane.

(27-37 Male United States)

He is in his 30s, resigned to reality, content with where he is at in his job and life in general. He’s quite introverted, wouldn’t tell a joke, but has the sense of humor to laugh at one. Think Reid from Criminal Minds, but less brainy.

(27-37 Female United States)

She is in her 30s, a stickler for the rules, she does everything that she is told, but doesn’t take the initiative to go the extra mile. She is a novice at any work that doesn’t directly pertain to her area within the office. Think Paris from Gilmore Girls but less of an aggressive try-hard.

(25-35 Male United States)

He is creative, this job isn’t his end game, but he’s not in a rush, he lives in the moment. He is emotionally evolved as he recognizes the actions of others are ultimately independent of him. Think if Jim Halpert had Pam Beasley’s creativity.

Lisa's Husband
(27-37 Male United States)

He is warm and inviting, really a magnet for anyone in pain. He has a sturdy exterior, but soft interior. lisa’s support system and really a support to anyone he knows - he’s ​that​ guy. Think Rocky Balboa.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for EXIT. Auditions For EXIT. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois