Family First

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Project Description:

A father must over come the odds in order to keep his newborn from going into the Department of Social Services custody.


Adrian Tavares
(25-40 Male United States)

lead male role. A patient, sincere man who has just recently become a father to a newborn son, Andrew. He may not be currently employed, but his dedication to his newly formed family lets his big heart shine through and will stop it nothing to make sure that they are not torn apart regardless of what the neighborhood thinks.

Selena Tavares
(18-30 Female United States)

lead female role. Although most people assume she is younger than she appears, she gives off an aura of maturity that others quickly pick up on. She is the mother of newborn, Andrew, and also the wife of Adrian. She can be impulsive, but she struggles to keep her family financially a float by working multiple shifts as a waitress. While her motherly instincts keep her driven, she does let her short temper and worries show when she relies more on the bottle than her husband.

Prosecutor Meyers
(45-99 Male United States)

Supporting male role. A lawyer who has done more than his fair share of cases. This seasoned lawyer has seen and heard so much that his apathetic attitude is worn on his sleeves. Albeit his cold demeanor makes him seem heartless, his decisions are based on rationality and not bias.

Fred Gilles
(25-40 Male United States)

Supporting male role. This DSS agent feels that it is his duty to be morally sound with every investigation and case that comes his way. Some would say that he is easily swayed through his emotions, but regardless of what others may think, he is just trying to make sure justice is served fairly and that punishment is only given out when both sides of the story have been heard.

Georgia Hades
(45-99 Female United States)

Supporting female role. It’s not an easy job having to go door to door for the Department of Social Services, especially when your job is to investigate incoming reports of child abuse, but someone has to do it, and Georgia is the one to step up. While her outward appearance makes her to be a sinister woman, her discipline and strict code of ethics keep her going in such a serious business.

Andrew Tavares
(14-25 Male United States)

A teenage student who does hard work and gets good grades. He loves his parents, Adrian and Selena, and through their love has been able to maintain being a happy and determined individual.

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