Georgia Peach

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo
  • A Video

Project Description:

John is a retired war veteran who keeps only to himself. When a young new nurse named Georgia arrives to aid John in his old age the two begin to clash. Georgia must try to clean John up, but in doing so will have to get her hands dirty.


(50-80 Male United States)

A United States War veteran stuck with his past heroics and is living out the rest of his days as a hermit. He is narrow minded when it comes to his view on the world around him. He tries to look for comfort but is too proud to ask for it. (Must be comfortable with partial nudity and being bathed while partially nude)

(20-30 Female United States)

A young seemingly naïve nurse, who tries to remain distant from those around her. She has a cold disheartening exterior but will sometimes allow her more loving interior to shine through. (Must be comfortable bathing a partially nude man)

Actors Wanted: Casting call for GEORGIA PEACH. Auditions For GEORGIA PEACH. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois