Green Light

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo

Project Description:

Green Light follows the comic but daring adventure of Lt. Jones and Captain Ramirez who fight their way through an alien spaceship to deliver key intel to their allies. The series of four short videos serves as a fun and often mad cap way to explain the basics of video editing.

Beyond being a fun video series, Green Light is a test project for Cedowin Productions, a New York based production company looking at Chattanooga as a contender for a big upcoming project.

This current schedule is for the first and possibly second video in the series. Depending on the results of this shoot, future videos in the series and bigger, more elaborate, larger-budgeted productions may be slated in the near future.


Cpt. Ramirez
(25-50 Female United States)

Captain Ramirez is a strong commander and is serious about getting the mission completed. She’s resourceful and good to those under her command, but haunted by the recent tragedy that befell one her own.

Lt. Jones
(25-50 Male United States)

lt. Jones is capable and compliant, but almost always with a strong side of humor. He’s been recently wounded and is doing all he can to avoid letting his commander know. He’s a team player until the end and thrilled to show off editing skills.

Pvt. Henderson
(25-50 Any Gender United States)

Private Henderson is capable and a whiz on the computer. Although he’s only in the fourth episode, he saves the day!

Actors Wanted: Casting call for GREEN LIGHT. Auditions For GREEN LIGHT. Casting Director David Bishop posted a casting call in Chattanooga Tennessee