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Ebony Mason who live with her mom in Gary Indiana. She has not seen her dad in a long time since her mom is in the middle of devoice him. Her dad lives in Chicago IL, and he is very rich, by winning the lotto, and he move on up to Chicago. He found out about Ebony and her mom condition and tells them that they can move up to Chicago and live with him and they did. It is her first time moving to the big city. How can a small city girl like her self fit in? Then she has to leave her friends behind and go to a new school where she doesn’t know anyone. How will her Open Windows fold?


Extra Actors
(18-42 Any Gender United States)

Everyone that's is pick in the movie will get a full movie credit, and you can use for your portfolio. You will also be added in IMDB Credits. A copy of the movie. You will have food on the set. Good luck everyone at the audition. 1 day only. Please have a 1 minute monologue prepared If you are interested, please stop by for an audition: May 27, 2014 4pm-9pm location Music lives Beyond Entertainment Center 400 w 76th street, Chicago Il 60620 **Please Bring Headshots and Bio** These are what we are casting for the movie. Actors with lines 1. Woman being cheated on- African American woman mid 20-36 2. Cheating Woman- White woman mid 20-36 3. Cheating Man- African American male 20-36 4. Kid- A young African American male 17-22 5. Man driver- Driver for the gang leader 20+ 6. Guy1-Drugs dealers 7. Guy2- drugs dealers 8. Pastor Cass- A Horny African American male pastor 40+ 9. lISA- Young African American female who is light skin 18-22 10. Gang1- young African American male 17-22 11. Gang2- young African American male 17-22 12. GANG3- young African American male 17-22 13. Desiree Gonzalez- Hispanic woman news reporter 20+ 14. 2 beautiful women maids 20+ 15. WOMAN 1- 20+ 16. WOMAN 2- 20+ 17. White male Dad 40+ 18. Boss Daughter 20 Young African American female Extras 1. Children from the age of 10-18 2. 2 beautiful ladies- 20+ Gang leader ladies 3. 4 beautiful have naked models. 18+ 4. 10 sexy women 20+

Extras Wanted: Casting call for OPEN WINDOWS THE MOVIE. Auditions For OPEN WINDOWS THE MOVIE. Casting Director open windows posted a casting call in chicago Illinois