Press 1

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo
  • A Contact Number

Project Description:

A romantic comedy about a young man who finds love on a phone sex line. Watch as Zack follows his heart in hopes of finding his fantasy girl.


(18-35 Male United States)

Caucasian 20’s- 30’s Slim and quirky

(20-35 Female United States)

Hispanic late 20’s to early 30’s Plus size Must have a pleasant speaking voice

(40-55 Female United States)

Caucasian late 40’s to early 50’s Prim and Proper

(40-60 Male United States)

Caucasian late 40’s to mid 50’s Stern and unrelenting

(18-35 Female United States)

Hispanic Age range 20’s-30’s Very attractive

Actors Wanted: Casting call for PRESS 1. Auditions For PRESS 1. Casting Director Andrena Johnson posted a casting call in Louisville Kentucky