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Project Rejekt is a stage play written by Kevin MysFit Wiggins, presented by House of Bernard Productions that seeks to bring awareness to the plight that children of our society face on a daily basis. This production is meant to ignite a conversation about the realities of LGBT youth and the alarming rate of homelessness. Project Rejekt will bring together a mixed audience from the tri-state area to one location, for the purpose of an evening of entertainment to educate the public about the LGBT homelessness pandemic. Project Rejekt brings to life the story of three teenagers that have been abandoned by their parents for reasons of pride, drug abuse, and dysfunction in a poetically entertaining way that enlightens.


(18-30 Male United States)

High school senior who has been taking care of his drug addicted mom since the age of 5. In an effort to always provide for her he’s acquired an extensive list of misdemeanors, which stops him from getting a job when he needs it most, to support his girlfriend and the child that they’re anticipating. Very well rounded and well-adjusted individual considering his upbringing. He has dreams of being a family man and giving his family the things that he didn’t have, by any means necessary. Evan deals in reality and isn’t very convinced by the faith concept that the girl that he loves believes in.

(18-30 Female United States)

Very confident, free thinking and opinionated teenage girl who has strong Christian beliefs due to her upbringing but doesn’t allow them to stifle her own thoughts. Ellie feels very forgotten by her parents and her goal is to feel wanted and included by them but instead she falls in love with a man, becomes pregnant and her parent resent her and rejects her for doing so. Despite her desire to feel wanted by the people she love most she’s never willing to waiver in her own beliefs to appease them or anyone else.

(18-30 Male United States)

) An introverted Artist who’s only way of communicating is on his canvas. He’s socially awkward and uncomfortable because he’s afraid to be himself due to the fact that he’s hiding his sexuality. His only relationship is with his mother, who’s he loves dearly, but when she rejects him for being gay, he looks for food, shelter and love in places where he’d never imagine himself.

(18-45 Female United States)

) A southern Bell from Birmingham with a past of alcoholism moved to Baltimore to start a new life with her son after her addiction ruined her relationships in her hometown. Grey had dreams of being a famous painter but a failed relationship and addiction halted her dreams so now she lives vicariously through her son who is also a talented artist. Grey adores her son until she finds out that he’s a homosexual and rejects him. Grey has a very outgoing personality and will talk to anyone who will listen. She’s rude but her southern charm and fast talking allows her to get away with saying some very unsavory comments.

Rev. Spencer
(18-45 Male United States)

) A preacher who’s main focus in life is the church and maintaining a squeaky clean image in the eye’ of the public, meanwhile he’s hypocritical and neglectful of his daughter.

Linda Spencer
(18-45 Female United States)

A very high strung preachers wife who, alternates between the roles of ratchet and upstanding Christian woman very frequently. A trophy wife who raps, twerks and is obsessed with pop culture often embarrassing herself when she cant control that side of herself. Mrs. Spencer feels that she and her family are better than others and makes it apparent that she looks down upon people that isn’t a part of their church or who have visibly different struggles and she wants nothing to do with their kind. This causes a division between herself, her husband and her daughter who see’s everyone for who they are and loving them without judgement.

(18-45 Female United States)

A drug addicted mother who can only be described as a zombie due to the lack of emotion she displayed to her son over the past 13 years. She decides to kick her drug habit and is looking to redeem herself as a mother and do a better job when presented with a second chance.

(18-18 Female United States)

Addiction Counselor/Sponsor

Actors Wanted: Casting call for PROJECT REJEKT. Auditions For PROJECT REJEKT. Casting Director Jeanette Ferrell posted a casting call in Oxon Hill Maryland