Pure Shadow

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Casting \"Pure Shadow,\" a Columbia College Chicago Advance student film. Synopsis: Yan, a young Chinese college, girl comes to America to study. Under the shock of open Western culture, she struggles with her traditional Chinese background and her curiosity about sex. Yan’s American roommate, Jessica, is always tempting her to have sex, but her conservative Chinese mother keeps trying to prevent her from having sex freely. Yan struggles to escape the bondage of growing with her traditional attitudes toward sex, until she realizes that her sexuality doesn’t define her, whether she is a virgin or not.


Yan (Lead)
(18-26 Female United States)

Yan: a sweet, sensitive, Chinese young woman who grew up in a conservative family, and with a strict culture that has taught her that, to be pure, you need to avoid sex as a young woman, but now that Yan is studying in America, in a more open culture, her sexual curiosity arises as her friends keep tempting her to lose her virginity. She struggles to make a decision about having sex, and she starts to see shadows that haunt her into making a decision until she finally realizes that her sexuality and her virginity don't define her. Note: There is an intimacy scene between Yan and Gio, for which the director will have an intimacy coach. No Nudity

Tyra (Supporting)
(18-26 Female United States)

Tyra: An open minded Chinese young woman, and Yan’s best friend. She is a very social and careless person. She will have a strong connection with Yan, because she knows Yan very well, she will speak directly and without scruples. At the same time, she is energetic and gossipy. When she is excited to find that Yan has a crush on a American classmates, she makes great efforts to encourage Yan to approach others actively.

Gio (Supporting)
(18-26 Male United States)

Gio is a friendly, lively, outgoing, American boy, and Yan’s classmate. He would convey a sense of ease and joviality. He is romantically interested in Yan, and someone who's also in a stage of exploration and growth like Yan. Gio is a non-aggressive person, someone that makes people relax when he is talking to them. He talks to Yan like friends even when he asks questions in class. He is a considerate and patient person so he will be keenly aware of Yan's sensitivity and understand the discomfort of speaking in a second language, but he hopes to guide Yan to express more things because he is curious about her, and cares about her. Note: There is an intimacy scene between Yan and Gio, for which the director will have an intimacy coach. No nudity

Yan's Mother (Supporting)
(28-70 Female United States)

Yan's mother: A conservative Chinese woman who doesn't want her daughter to have sex before marriage. She cares about her daughter, but gets over-concerned and begins meddling in her daughter’s sexual life, telling her to avoid sex and to avoid getting pregnant.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for PURE SHADOW. Auditions For PURE SHADOW. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois