Rent Boy

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Project Description:

Casting \"Rent Boy,\" a student film.

Synopsis: A gay porn director must provide fresh meat to a hungry stockbroker, but when he preys on a distant childhood friend, the last thing he expects is to fall in love.


(40-50 Male United States)

An older gentleman and a bearding divorcee. Richard is a cunning stockbroker who makes the world run on his own watch. Having lived a fast-paced lifestyle for over 20 years, he takes his frustrations out on young male escorts. He also has a devious lust for power. Richard is obsessed with obtaining total ownership of others. Coming from an embarrassingly humble background, he’s devoted his life to becoming filthy rich. Yet, after an unfortunate downturn in the stock market, he took to a secret hustle of being a financer for gay erotic films, a business that proved to be both lucrative and satisfying. All of this is packed into an astute appearance; he’s charismatic, suave, polished, and incredibly dangerous.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for RENT BOY. Auditions For RENT BOY. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois