The Effect

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Project Description:

A girl named Julie gets bullied at home as well as in school. She gets beaten up and pushed around. A boy named John tries to get her to open up about what\'s going but she refuses. One day she can\'t take it no more so she commits suicide by hanging her self as her brother is away.


(15-17 Male United States)

He is the Julies older brother that pushes her around and make her do his stuff.

(15-17 Male United States)

He is the boy that tries to get Julie to open up. He has some feeling towards her.

(15-17 Female United States)

She is the main she beats up and pushes Julie around she has two friends and she makes them beat up Julie as well

Actors Wanted: Casting call for THE EFFECT. Auditions For THE EFFECT. Casting Director francisco ascencio posted a casting call in Los Angeles California