The Formula

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Project Description:

Dr. Emily Coe fires Sarah Pelswick from her post at the XYZ Research Organization. Ms. Pelswick believes she has been terminated unjustly and promises revenge.


Dr. Emily Coe
(25-65 Female United States)

The Director of Research and Development of XYZ Corporation, Dr. Coe has a soft side but few have seen it. To her employees, she's officious and arbitrary, sometimes taking credit for their work to enhance her own standing and bank account.

Sheila Preston
(25-65 Female United States)

Sheila Preston has numerous issues but has generally done a competent job as Dr. Emily Coe's assistant at XYZ. One day, Preston is fired by Dr. Coe. Preston believes Dr. Coe has fired her to take credit for her, Preston's, discovery. Preston decides to take revenge, but ultimately fails.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for THE FORMULA. Auditions For THE FORMULA. Casting Director Larry Cain posted a casting call in Lincoln Nebraska