The House of Yes

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\"In Wendy MacLeod\'s obsidian-black comedy, The Pascals, for whom the clock stopped with the Kennedy assasination, are shut in as a Thankgiving hurricane swirls outside. Arriving ahead of the storm\'s eye are Jackie-O\'s twin brother, Marty and his fiancee Lesly. The obsessive Jackie is keen to renew her long-running incestuous affair with Marty, which is fine by the mother, who\'s still lamenting her husband\'s desertion, and by puppyish younger brother Anthony who immediately desires Lesly. The resulting battle over Marty becomes something of a class struggle between the Pascals\' poetic insanity and Lesly\'s plebian pragmatism.\" --Steven Mikulan, LA Weekly


Mrs. Pascal
(35-99 Female United States)

Mrs. Pascal is the instigator of many things in the house. She is a strong women who will protect her family at all costs. Open to casting younger to play older.

(25-35 Female United States)

Jackie-O is a women who has been pushed over the edge but is now back. Boarding on insane and wildly clever. Role will require kissing of male actor and implied sexual acts. No nudity.

(25-35 Male United States)

Marty is the eldest brother of the family. Deeply protective of his family but longs to be normal. Role will require kissing of actress' and implied sexual acts. No nudity.

(18-25 Male United States)

Anthony is the underestimated little brother of the family. Protective of his sister but may be looking out for himself more then he lets on. Role will require kissing of an actress and being shirtless in one scene.

(18-25 Female United States)

lesly is from a small town and some what naive. She loves Marty very much and will do what it takes to keep him. Role will require kissing actors and putting clothes back on. No nudity.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for THE HOUSE OF YES. Auditions For THE HOUSE OF YES. Casting Director Tim Kendall posted a casting call in Los Angeles California