The Murder Mystery Company: San Jose

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Seeking improv and theatrical actors to join The Murder Mystery Company. Casting director states: \"The Murder Mystery Company has been active in the national theater community for over ten years and is third in record ticket sales in the U.S., and whose shows run year-round with a multitude of fun themes, changing periodically to give their repeat customers something new to look forward to.\"


Improv Actor
(18-99 Any Gender United States)

Improv Actor for Murder Mysteries, Character Impersonation, Princesses, and Superheroes. Roles for Detectives, Hosts, Maids, Femme Fatales, Rockstars and more!

Actors Wanted: Casting call for THE MURDER MYSTERY COMPANY: SAN JOSE. Auditions For THE MURDER MYSTERY COMPANY: SAN JOSE. Casting Director Jessica Notenbaum posted a casting call in San Jose California