\"The XX - Crystalised\" Cover Video

Listing Requires:

  • A Profile Photo

Project Description:

Up and coming singer and model Alaya Lee is currently searching for an aspiring teen male singer to collaborate on a cover with her. This cover will be posted to Youtube. The success of the duo depends on the success of the video. All applicants are encouraged to email any audio or video reels to alaya.ebpr@gmail.com. :)



Male Singer
(16-19 Male United States)

Teen 16-19 All Ethnicities locals to los Angeles Preferably skilled in an instrument (not required however)

Singers Wanted: Casting call for "THE XX - CRYSTALISED" COVER VIDEO. Auditions For "THE XX - CRYSTALISED" COVER VIDEO. Casting Director Alaya Walton posted a casting call in Los Angeles California