Time Theft

Listing Requires:

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Project Description:

Barb, an uptight grocery store employee has one day to prove to her boss that she is ready for a promotion. Her plans for the day are ruined when Roxie, a spunky elderly woman enters her store and takes Barb on an unexpected journey.!


(19-22 Female United States)

Co-worker of Barb. Doesn't care about her job. Sits on the counter chewing gum and reading a magazine. No lines

(27-44 Female United States)

Co-worker of Barb. Alison stamps boxes with price stickers. In a way kind of frightened by Barb (who is younger than her) No lines

(50-70 Any Gender United States)

Elders in the nursing home. They play cards by themselves. Oblivious to everything that is happening around them. No lines

(22-40 Any Gender United States)

Nurses who take care of the patients in the nursing home. Some are asleep in the corner. No lines

Extras Wanted: Casting call for TIME THEFT. Auditions For TIME THEFT. Casting Director Ashlin Peters posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois