Trick and Treats (working title)

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Project Description:

Heroic Age Studios is casting lead, supporting, principal, and featured roles for our First Annual Frightful 5000 Film, working title, “Trick and Treats.”

It\'s Halloween, and Ashley and her friends find themselves in a bar, in the middle of nowhere, threatened with torture and death by a gang of bikers.

But then, just as all seems lost, Ashley begins to hear the voice of a legendary jack-o-lantern named “Trick” echoing inside her mind. Is this ancient pumpkin trying to help her? Is he just making things worse? Or is he merely the product of the young woman’s panicked imagination?

The “trick” is, figuring it all out… before everybody dies.


Peter (Featured)
(29-39 Male United States)

Peter is a simple 1800’s farmer with an unfaithful wife.

Elizabeth (Featured)
(25-35 Female United States)

Elizabeth is an 1800’s farm wife and a very attractive woman. She is Peter’s wife, and while once innocent, she is now wild and seemingly possessed.

Ashley (Lead)
(21-25 Female United States)

Ashley is an attractive small town girl. She is studying psychology at a local community college. She is fit, resourceful, clever, and according to her mom, she may be a “little crazy.” But she is a good and loyal friend.

Kelly (Supporting)
(21-25 Female United States)

Kelly is the most physically attractive of the three main girls, or at least she is the most conscious of her looks and of the effect her beauty has on men. She is flirtatious and likes to be shocking and provocative for the attention. She is a bit bossy and harsh at times, but she is still a good person.

Laura (Supporting)
(21-25 Female United States)

laura is cute, bookish, and very smart. She is introverted and depends heavily on her friend Ashley’s care and support. She holds devoutly to her strong religious beliefs. However, she still jokes and has fun and is in no way judgmental. She is a much stronger person than she appears to be on the surface.

David (Supporting)
(21-25 Male United States)

David is a very good looking guy. He and Kelly have a snarky, sarcastic relationship based on physical attraction. Even though David can be cocky and arrogant, he is in no way brave or courageous. He is definitely more a “lover than a fighter.”

Trick (Supporting V.O.)
(21-80 Male United States)

Trick is either an actual demon bound inside an ancient jack-o'-lantern or a plastic candy container with a personality that only exists in Ashley’s subconscious. Trick’s personality, whether actual or imagined, is charming. He is calm, funny, frightening, and a master of manipulation. He often uses the phrase “The trick is…” while explaining something. At times it is difficult to tell if he is helping Ashley or not. He always keeps her, as well as the audience, guessing.

Pastor Joseph (Featured)
(60-80 Male United States)

Pastor Joseph looks rough and far older than his actual 65+ years. He wears a clerical collar and a black leather eye patch embellished with a tiny golden cross. He is not frail, but rugged. He has lived in his small town forever. Joseph is “Ahab-level” obsessed with Trick.

Billy (Principal)
(45-49 Male United States)

Billy is just about as 'good ol' as a boy can be. He is the biker club’s bartender and considers himself to be quite the storyteller.

Simon (Principal)
(40-49 Male United States)

Simon, another biker, is Cyrus’ fraternal twin. Both men are unsightly but not imposing in shape or size. Although neither is notably attractive, Simon wins the ugly contest hands down. He is spindly, angular, and almost broken looking. He is a living scarecrow with a crooked nightmare smile.

Cyrus (Principal)
(40-49 Male United States)

Cyrus, another biker, is Simon’s fraternal twin. Both men are unsightly, but not imposing in shape or size and neither is notably attractive. Cyrus is heavyset, soft, and lumpy. He is the misshapen 'Ernie' to Simon’s fractured 'Bert.'

Carl (Principal)
(46-55 Male United States)

Carl is the quintessential biker with all the traditional biker accoutrements: tattoos, leather, and the like. He is a giant bear of a man who carries himself with old authority and the air of someone who knows he is untouchable.

Mark (Principal)
(26-29 Male United States)

Mark is the youngest and most handsome of the bikers. He is also the most extreme and absolutely ripped. He has a strange intensity to his eyes and a smooth demeanor that promises to snap psycho at a moment's notice. His smile reveals pointed stainless steel fangs where his eyeteeth should be.

Ed (Featured)
(35-40 Male United States)

Ed is a large, cruel, muscular biker.

Treat (Featured)
(6-8 Female United States)

There is a good version of Treat and an evil version of Treat both played by the same actress. In her good incarnation, Treat is an impossibly cute, happy-bubbly little girl who dresses in a sparkling, fairy-tale-perfect, angel costume. Her evil version has twisted wiry red hair that sticks straight out in every direction; she is still dressed as an angel, but this time her costume is filthy and ragged. In both instances she is sharp, witty, and clever.

Older Lady (Featured)
(60-80 Female United States)

The years have not been kind to this character. Her body is twisted and feeble. She is confined to a wheelchair and her milky white eyes denote the beginning of cataracts. Nonetheless, she has a pleasant alluring voice.

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