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This web series is about the life of teens in Carmel, Indiana and their dramatic yet comedic adventures. In a series of ten episodes, the audience learns more about the importance of standing up to bullying and loyalty.


Riley "Rye" Reagan
(8-15 Male United States)

A parent/guardian must be with him at all times. Please contact me if you are interested and complete the information: Name of the actor: Age of actor: Gender of the actor (assigned at birth): Here are some additional requirements for the actor: • Does not have a fish allergy • Willing to eat fish/seafood (of his choice, though not tuna) on camera for a “prank” on older brother actor • Has fun “teasing” or minimally “pranking” another character About the character: Riley “Rye” Reagan is the younger teasing, yet loyal brother of seventeen-year-old Mac Reagan. His family does not seem to fit in with the stereotype of Carmel people, and others make that known. While Rye is liked for his fun personality, his older brother is not as much. However, Rye often feels as though he plays the role of the older brother feeling as though Mac is helpless. Rye is happy and always willing to watch out for his family and friends. He also has a memorable line/quote in the show about brotherhood. Attire (no logo visible on camera): Solid white very short-sleeved tee shirt or tank top, comfortable solid colored shorts, brown shoes, white or brown short socks Hair: Sort of messy, but does not cover the eyes

Muffy Morgan
(18-26 Female United States)

Peppy and friendly, Muffy Morgan is a very happy person. She is the older sister of Buffy Morgan.

Buffy Morgan
(18-26 Female United States)

less peppy than her sister, Buffy is more of a realist. Nevertheless, she is happy and friendly.

Clay Alley
(18-26 Male United States)

The villain in the web series, Clay Alley is an arrogant athlete who has more on his mind than getting through high school.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for UNTITLED WEB SERIES. Auditions For UNTITLED WEB SERIES. Casting Director Michael Martin posted a casting call in Carmel Indiana