What\'s on your Mind?

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Project Description:

-->Read carefully before submitting, make sure you send all required information. If there\'s information missing, your submission will be discarded <--

Production company in Miami looking for an upbeat and lively host for a brand new YouTube game show concept.

Male or female, must be good looking, no age limit.

For consideration, please submit your full name, age, a good contact number, a headshot and full body shot.

Casting will be in the Miami area, please do not submit if you live far and do not have transportation.

Casting will be until Wednesday August 30, 2017 at 5pm.

Email to: pwscasting@gmail.com



(18-99 Any Gender United States)

Comedians Wanted: Casting call for WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND?. Auditions For WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND?. Casting Director Karla M posted a casting call in Miami Florida