Will o\' the Wisp

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Award-winning filmmaker based in NYC is casting for a trailer for a feature film in development. It is a mystery/suspense drama with vegan and animal rights themes. This will most likely be a 7 day shoot in the late spring in the NY/CT area. Non-union. Some pay as well as meals, transportation, accommodations and screen credit provided. Please respond with your resume and any additional background information to set up an interview.


(8-10 Male United States)

Seeking a young Native American actor for Will. The actor must be able to realistically play a child of 8-10 years. Will wears thick glasses. He is sincere, earnest and very intuitive - yet he annoys and exasperates his family and friends with his odd interests and his constant questions. He is very focused and driven in his quests.

(35-45 Female United States)

We are casting a white actress for the role of Bridget. Bridget is very alpha personality/outspoken. She is conservative and wants things to be normal and in control. She is extremely frustrated as tries to get her son to conform to societal norms.

(35-45 Male United States)

Casting an Asian actor for the role of Wally. He is a corporate, money minded, play by the rules guy. He cares for his son very must but is exasperated that his son is not following the rules.

(65-75 Male United States)

Casting a white actor in the role of Scratch. He is a rural southern man with a dark and disturbing past. He walks with a slight limp and can be quite moody and cantankerous.

Dr. Daryll
(35-45 Male United States)

Casting a latin (Italian, Hispanic) or white actor in the role of Dr. Daryll. He is a good looking, well groomed man who is rather arrogant. He is comfy his position of authority.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for WILL O' THE WISP. Auditions For WILL O' THE WISP. Casting Director dave giardina posted a casting call in New York City New York