Will o\' the Wisp

Listing Requires:

  • A Video
  • A Contact Number

Project Description:

I am an award winning independent filmmaker a director of photography for a short movie promo for a feature in development called \"Will o\' the Wisp\". This is a mystery/suspense drama involving child welfare and animal rights. The short trailer/promo is being made to get backing to make the full feature.

The shoot will take place over a few days in central, CT in mid June. Nonunion. Flat rate $200 - 500 based on number of days needed. Meals, transportation, screen credit, and (if applicable) accommodations provided. Please contact me with your resume and reel to set up an interview.


Director of Photography
(21-74 Any Gender United States)

Seeking a DP who has experience shooting film/video, self motivated, a good visual sense and willing to try new ideas, team player interested in being involved with a movie production from the ground up. Access to camera equipment a plus.

Crew Wanted: Casting call for WILL O' THE WISP. Auditions For WILL O' THE WISP. Casting Director dave giardina posted a casting call in New York City New York