Will o\' the Wisp

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Project Description:

This is a mystery/suspense drama involving child welfare and animal rights. The short trailer/promo is being made to get backing to make the full feature.

The shoot will take place over a few days in central, CT in mid June. Nonunion. Flat rate $200 - 500 based on number of days needed. Meals, transportation, screen credit, and (if applicable) accommodations provided. Please contact me with your picture, resume and a link to your acting reel to set up a self-tape audition.


(36-45 Male United States)

WAllY: Male, 36 - 45, middle eastern indigenous, Mediterranean, Caucasian. Wally is a conservative, corporate husband and father who becomes frustrated when his 8 year old son fails to conform to societal norms.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for WILL O' THE WISP. Auditions For WILL O' THE WISP. Casting Director dave giardina posted a casting call in New York City New York