With This Ring

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\"With This Ring\" addresses the issue of domestic violence as experienced through the lives of victims of abuse. As children, newlywed Lisa and her big brother Derrick witness the vicious abuse and murder of their mother at the hands for their drunken father. Both Lisa and Derrick are marked by this tragedy and carry the horrifying memory of abuse with them. Scarred by domestic violence at such a formative time in their lives, both Lisa and Derrick continue the cycle of violence in their own romantic relationships. In \"With This Ring\", Lisa and Derrick both reach the tipping point when they have to decide if they will seek healing or continue the cycle of violence that stole their childhood innocence


(20-35 Female United States)

Calm one minute and off the rails instantly. As a child she saw domestic violence first hand at the hands of her father and carries that same cycle of abuse in her marriage.

(20-35 Female United States)

Wants the good life but at the expense of being in an abusive relationship.

(20-35 Any Gender United States)

Female or Effeminate Male. Best friend of lisa, knows her troubled past and tries to keep her from making the mistakes of her father.

(25-40 Female United States)

Ex-girlfriend of Keith and mother of his child.

(25-40 Male United States)

Strong, loving, charismatic and in an abusive relationship with his new wife.

(20-35 Male United States)

Controlling, abrupt, and extremely protective. A witness to abuse between his mother and father and carries the cycle of abuse in his relationship.

(20-35 Male United States)

Trifecta role. Neighbor. Ex-boyfriend. Police

Mr. Joe
(25-40 Male United States)

Dual role- Abusive father. Wise, protective, and caring father and husband.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for WITH THIS RING. Auditions For WITH THIS RING. Casting Director saleemah jones posted a casting call in Oakland California