You Betta Ask Somebody

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The stage play \"You Betta Ask Somebody\" explores the personal relationships between men and women that put us all at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS. Ex-con Donovan has been released from a two-year stint in prison and is back with his girlfriend, Kendra. To their dismay, Donovan’s “down low” lifestyle while in prison comes back to haunt them both when he is informed that his old cellmate is HIV positive. To make matters worse, Kendra has been having an ongoing affair with a married man, Dan.

The ultimate heartbreak comes when Dan’s pregnant wife, Sheila, finds out that her husband’s cheating ways may have dire consequences. Promiscuity, infidelity, ignorance, misplaced trust and the failure to simply use protection ruin the lives of five people and possibly that of an unborn child. “You Betta Ask Somebody” brings this issue home with an in depth look into typical human behavior. Filled with drama and spoken word poetry, \"You Betta Ask Somebody\" will make you laugh, cry, and think.


(20-30 Male United States)

A young man who has a life on the outside with his girlfriend Kendra as well as a secret life on the inside with Kevin.

(25-35 Female United States)

loves Dan, his wife and the pregnant with his child.

(20-30 Male United States)

An angry ex-convict who does a two year bid in jail and forms a relationship with Donovan while in jail.

(28-38 Male United States)

He is a middle aged business man. He has a great job, beautiful wife, lavish house, and a girlfriend, Kendra.

(28-38 Male United States)

He is Dan's best friend and sounding voice throughout this the difficult time in his life.

(20-30 Female United States)

Young lady trying to hold her life together as best she knows how while her boyfriend Donovan is in jail.

(25-35 Female United States)

Counselor at the clinic that has a past of her own

(25-40 Female United States)

The comedic nurse the at County clinic

Actors Wanted: Casting call for YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY. Auditions For YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY. Casting Director saleemah jones posted a casting call in Oakland California