You\'ll Never Know

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A high-school girl has lived two lives interrupted by outside forces. First, she traveled from China to the States at a young age. Then, her childhood was taken from her, and she awakens in a sanitarium with newly suppressed memories and PTSD that find their way to the surface. Faced with a need to figure out what went wrong, she must face her past in order to piece together the tragedy that robbed her of her future.


(18-22 Female United States)

Asian (preferably Chinese, Mandarin speaking). Struggles with Bi-Polar Disorder. Wanwan assimilated to an Americanized culture while she maintained the scholarly tradition upheld by her mother. She prioritizes adhering to familial pressure but reaches a breaking point when she needs her mother’s expectations broken for her comfort. In that, she accomplished more than enough and received little celebration. left with a desire to find a life outside of her schoolwork; Wanwan has found herself alone in a sanitarium. Now, her goal is to piece together what led to her downfall and just how she can cope with it.

Wanwan's Mother
(40-49 Female United States)

Asian (preferably Chinese). Enforces traditional parenting. Understands the emotional intelligence she had to put aside when growing up in a “man’s world,” but passes those expectations of control onto her daughter in real-time. In result, she is detached from her daughter and never takes time to help her heal, instead suggesting that she instantly move on without healing.

(50-59 Male United States)

Wanwan's step-father. White. Tall. Dependent on alcohol and the presence of women in his life. Provides for his fictive-kin, but brings little to no emotional structure to his household. Behind his appearance as a dutiful stepfather, he conceals a sinister side that accelerates Wanwan’s downward spiral.

(18-22 Male United States)

Any ethnicity. An artist and self-proclaimed genius, able to juggle the pressures of grade school and passion projects. Oliver is kind, bright-spirited, warm individual with a devotion for what he creates. He has a comforting reliability and sense of humor, to which Wanwan gravitates and finds solace, but her home life keeps them from exploring anything beyond friendship. Though Oliver is a memory to her at this point; he is one she cannot let go of, especially when she hallucinates that he is in the sanitarium with her.

(30-39 Female United States)

Monitors Wanwan’s physical and mental health. Expressive of the nurture she did not experience from her mother. To Wanwan—reliable, calming, sympathetic, gentle. When Wanwan recalls traumatic memories, the Nurse will do everything in her power to ensure that she is able to come down from her anguish.

(18-22 Female United States)

Asian (preferably Chinese, Mandarin speaking). Attentive. Curious. Wanwan’s childhood friend who saw her off when she and her mother left for the States. Though she is also a memory to Wanwan, she is the first person who Wanwan calls once admitted to the sanitarium.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. Auditions For YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois