Your Ex Lover is Dead

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Project Description:

Your Ex Lover is Dead is a groundbreaking short film centering on strong dynamic female characters. The film follows Mandy as she goes to an art gallery to meet a long-time friend. At the art gallery, Mandy runs into her ex-girlfriend out of the blue. Since she has graduated, Mandy has grown from an insecure girl to a confident woman, and running into her ex, Kenny, forces her to confront the past she wishes to avoid. Your Ex Lover is Dead emphasizes confronting your past and letting go of insecurities as Mandy confronts the ex who reminds her of her past self.


(19-30 Female United States)

20s, Female, Open Ethnicity/Race - Confident, artistic, & expressive. Mandy has grown into the complete opposite of who she was in college. She doesn’t like looking back at the past because she doesn’t like to remember who she was then, a small; timid girl. Mandy is always moving forward and is now looking for stability and comfort in herself and her relationships.

(19-30 Female United States)

20s, Female/Nonbinary, Open Ethnicity/Race - Confident & Bold. Kenny has always gone for what she has wanted and achieved it. She is blunt, honest, and confident in herself. She doesn’t like change because she has never felt the need for it. Kenny does not feel the need for stability and never has.

(19-30 Female United States)

20s, Female/Nonbinary, Open Ethnicity/Race - Mandy’s close friend from college to this day. She is artistic like Mandy. She has been a supportive and stable friend to Mandy for many years.

Actors Wanted: Casting call for YOUR EX LOVER IS DEAD. Auditions For YOUR EX LOVER IS DEAD. Casting Director Lisa FormosaParmigiano posted a casting call in Chicago Illinois