American Beauty Is Actual Western`s Lifestyle

Review Author: Farruh Yusupov.

I`ve long wanted to write reviews about several films and i`m grateful to “Talent Pages” which gives an opportunity not only contact with employers for professional activity but to communicate in many spheres representatives and their funs worldwide.  

Modern life allows not only for show business representatives but anyone find associates, services and goods ordering it, projects, film crew with technical equipment and etcetera.

In virtue of my researches which concerned american`s foreign and public policy i learned many interesting information about american sociology, psychology, lifestyle, culturology, behaviorism, cultural studies and etcetera. So in this review i try my forces as film critic.

 “America Beauty” without false modesty can be called as a display of modern life of Western Civilization. In my opinion that was 1 of the main causes if awarding and recognition in release of Western Countries. 5 awards of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1999 year and mainly “Oscar” of the best film of the year visually display the success of “American Beauty”.

In the beginning of “American Beauty” for me and i think to others was confession of the main character Lester Burnham who told his life story before his death. I was confused because on DVD on film`s abstract there isn`t written that “American Beauty” was film of Fantastic or Auteur Theory genre. How dead man can talk about his life and with whom?

Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is a personage of man who after midlife becomes clever analyzing his life, family, occupation and primarily future. Facing with hiring at work mr. Burnham bursts as many people and begins recover lost years buying a valuable car and training his muscle mass but chiefly screenwriter and film director isn`t showed intently what was the general reasons of his changes his daughter`s classmate or problems at work. Because everyone has problems at work but only perverts lose their man nature falling in love with daughter`s friends.

Mr. Burnham`s daughter`s school friend Angela (Mena Suvari) first wants allure him praising to his daughter in private. For me the most terrible was as animal`s mr. Burnham`s glances at Angela. How can man look at other 1 with sexual interest who is younger or older in 16-20 years especially when this man is friend of member of family.

Lester Burnham`s daughter Jane (Thora Birch) as any normal young girl wanted to escape from that mess believing in this success in fashion industry asks her Ricky Wes Bentley boyfriend to run away.  

In the beginning and end of the film the spectator observers the imagination and worldview which is captured on video camera of addict Ricky.

The flying package for buying which is amazed and showed true beauty of life for addict Ricky for was isn`t unexpected.

It`s interesting that many US politicians uses drugs and even more some of US political parties votes for legalization that death poison which call the whole societies.

Ricky`s father the former soldier critics his neighbors who congratulated him with resettlement but when he suspecting makes fault thinking that his son homosexual and tries to speak about it with his suspected partner mr. Burmham he`s scratches and kisses him showing his inner feelings.

Co – star of Kevin Spacey was Annette Bening who played as his wife, who firstly becomes unfaithful to their marriage having coitus with her associate.           

Till the end i think “American Beauty” is film without positive characters but when it reveals that Angela is virgin Lester Burnham reflects to audience as caring and loving father seeing how she trembles before her first sexual act and he dresses and prepares a meal.

In the end of the film is a classical plot when unclever wife blames his husband to every sin and problems of her life but agree with me not every unclever but normal wife kills his husband as she.

All in all resurrection of normal parent feelings to young generation sanctifies mr. Lester Burnham in my and others eyes.    





Posted at: 07/23/2014 02:29

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