Happy post

All right. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of the publicize.me page, since it was a lot of aggravation, but on the plus side, yesterday, I finalized me CD, and now, I have to work on the holiday singing album, and get it ready for release. July is turning out almost as good as the month of May was. We'll know after the 31st.

Got the Graphic novel finished, and soon, it will be paid for. I can't even begin to believe what I have accomplished in just a few months. Making things happen is a high a drug can never fulfill. Isn't it awesome.

Once the holiday album, and the new one is released, hope to get some new stuff out, along with possibly a new head shot for acting. Time's going really well.

Hope you have a good day.


Posted at: 07/30/2016 18:48

Tags: victor greywolf