I know iy's been a while. I know I will try to write more

I know it's bee a very long while since I wrote on here, and a lot has happened, so I will try to write what I am able to. Here we go:

Well, I was on an israeli website called articles base until they closed down in I believe 2017, but not sure.

Been updating me IMDB page, but they make it very difficult to do so. I do have a couple of new credits. Here is the link:

https://imdb.com/name/nm4580136 Enjoy.

Been writing some scripts for a podcast show that I am working on, as well as new albums. (Not comedy, but one holiday album, as well as two singing albums.) Also, been writing newsletters on three other blogs.

had to do some promoting, but I am getting out there.

Also, am appearing on, from what I recently saw, some celebrity wikis. Amazing.

I know this is short, but I will try to update soon. Take care.

Victor Greywolf


Posted at: 03/12/2022 14:01

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