just wanted to write this one

O'tay. I just wanted to come on here, and just post on what's going on. Well, I am still working on recording the podcast, since I am going to the studio on June 1, to record. Have to finish more episodes of the script. Going to try to get my shit edited soon. Have to re-do the concert that I was working on, and I think I can, maybe now, or in November. waiting to turn the art I drew to the library.

Outside of that, drew a couple of pages for my comic book this week. Did it with a little piece of chocolate. Maybe soon, I will try cannibals gummies. Who knows. ot a package yesterday that my sister is waiting for. Have to deliver it to her on Sunday. Tried the coke zero starlight I believe is the name. tastes like crumbled up Oreo's. Still, it's pretty good. I will write more soon.

Have a great 2022 and beyond.

Posted at: 03/25/2022 12:51

Tags: victor greywolf, writing